Adding a Jellyfin server as host fails as "too old"

Issue description:

When trying to add a Jellyfin server as host it fails with the message "Your server software is too old and no more supported. Please update to a supported version (See website).



Additional information:

Jellyfin version is current git master, that is, commit 5a66cbd.

According to Yatse 8.8.0 released, Jellyfin should be supported.

Thanks in advance!

Well they said they would not change version numbering for API and it seems they did not follow their own advices :slight_smile:

And since there’s not yet a proper way to identify JellyFin servers it’s broken :frowning: I’ve asked for a fix on their side so I can correctly identify those servers.

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I’ve added a workaround in 8.8.5 beta you can join from Play Store app.