Add support for emby favorite sync

Yatse 8.9.0 introduced favorites support. Which works well, but not in sync with emby. Its a bit odd to manage it on both Yatse and Emby. Therefore I would be pleased, if Yatse could add favorites sync support for Emby.

Will be present in a future version. Please note that only Emby favorites will be used / updated starting from that version.

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I have just tested it with music library. It seems to work, but unfortunately only with albums. Setting a favorite artist in yatse does sync it to emby, but it always disappears in yatse. In the end I have favorite artists in emby, but none in yatse.

I ask myself why artists might not be synced…is emby favorite sync feature in its core the same for all kind of data (album, artist, genre, song)?

Please open an issue with logs so I can look.