Add support for emby audio books

I do prefer Yatse over Emby Android app, because Yatse is far more clearly arranged. Unfortunately I can not sync my audio books.

I seems like audio books got their own Emby library type. To me, it looks quite the same as music. Maybe it could be integrated into the music library of Yatse.

I don’t use / have audio books but they certainly require resume point and chapters and probably others things no?

hm, I am not sure. Till now I could not find a bookmark functionality in Emby, but it normally remembers the last position I played the file. If this is what you meant with “resume point”, I guess it would help a lot to have this, yes.

I do not really know what “chapters” are. But as most audiobooks have their tracks, chapters might play a less important role.

Displaying multi-cd content could be importent, but maybe this already works out of box. And being able to download audiobooks for offline use would be awesome.

Else I do not know any further specialties dedicated to audio books :slight_smile: