Add something similar to what series guide does (suggestion)

Series Guide is an app that makes keeping track of tv shows and movies very easy… Yatse partially impliments how it works.

Right now Yatse takes the tv shows or movies you have and allows you to mark them as seen or unseen.

What i am proposing is for you to add the option to scrape and update series and upcoming movies (as well as add through a proper “discover tab{one that discovers things you dont already have in your library}”) and to also have the ability to show missing episodes, maybe as greyed out titles in your season list.

Here is a link for you to see how it works… the movie section isnt right up front but its in there too.

Any thoughts @Tolriq ?

This is completely out of Yatse scope for the moment as way too complicated due to how each Media Center have it’s own data provider with different sources and not always exposing IDs to match with a common source.
But not yet closed as it’s not a bad idea :wink:

Thank you for your consideration, reply and amazing app!