Add rating to Gridview in Movies

In Grid view only Title and Year is visible. Having the Rating shown also would be very helpful.

Tolriq, you are the best. Thanks for really listening to your users.
I subscribed to a small amount of euro’s per month to show my appreciation.
Your app is actually worth much more.

When things asked does fit Yatse goal, does not complicated things for other users and fit the design it’s usually accepted :slight_smile:

Yatse is 100% user driven.

And thanks for the subscription :slight_smile: at least I did not add that for nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

If i had a job (unfortunately mentally not able to work) and more financial means i would donate you loads more.

What i did with my MediaPortal iViewer iPad app we sold it from the Apple Store. Apple asked 30% of revenues, Command Fusions iViewer took 20% for using their Home Automation engine. So for us only 50% was left. Luckily we had to split it in two. We sold the app for $9.99