Add "Play random (all) indefinitely" option

I use Yatse to control my Raspberry Pi music server. My music library comprises a couple of hundred .mp3 files stored within a single folder on a USB drive that’s plugged into my Rasbperry Pi server.

To play music from Yatse’s main menu, I select Files, then Auto-mounted drives, then my USB drive, then the folder which contains my music. At that point I am presented with a list of the file names of my songs.

At this point, I tap the blue “play” button and select one of the following play actions:

  • Play all
  • Play random (one)
  • Play random (all)

Typically, I select “Play random (all)” and my songs play as expected until all songs are played. Then the music stops.

The new feature I would like to request is an additional play action to “Play random (all) indefinitely” to enable songs to play until I decide to interrupt play. In other words, continue playing music until I ask Yatse to stop playing music.

Thank you for your consideration!

Just press the repeat all buton in the now playing screen :slight_smile:

Thank you for this helpful advice. I will give that a try.