Add play music videos voice command

Hi, i’d like to know if it is possible to send a voice command to kodi to play a folder of videos, a playlist file, a smart playlist or a party mode playlist. And how about custom voice commands?

All of those are not possible via Yatse as all those are random and nearly impossible to properly auto detect from the current state of AI and voice recognition.

What you can do is use things like Auto Voice to create your own commands in that tool that will start custom commands in Yatse and with that you can achieve anything you want and more.

But if I can say “play metal songs” why can’t I say “play metal videos” considering the videos are scrapped and in the kodi database.

Well this is totally unrelated to the other things you asked :slight_smile:

And actually it is supported for movies. (Watch an horror movie will start a random horror movie) Music videos genre are not handled by Yatse currently as separated from the rest. But that specific thing I can add as genre things are well known by voice recognition engine.

But a random folder named “the songs of my wedding” will 90% of the time be returned as something similar but different if any thing known on Internet is close enough and it will break.

What I want to acomplish is say “play music videos” and kodi starts playing them randomly. I thought i could be possible with playlists.

That can be added in Yatse :wink: Moved to feature requests.

Thanks for the support . :slight_smile:

What about off-line voice commands, is it possible?

It should already work if you have the Google offline package for your language.

But of course it will fallback to the previous Yatse Engine that is more limited.