Add option to view information about recording

When pressing a recording in PVR the recording starts playing immediately. Could it be added that first the info screen is shown and playback is done from that screen.

I hope my request is clear. I am not sure how to describe it better.

Kodi API does not return a lot of things for a recording so there’s no a lot to display.

See this screenshot. My PVR shows the same information about recordings as is available with LiveTV

Once you started playing it, before the API is limited and have a lot less fields.

Only relevant field would be the plot, but does that really require adding a level of complexity and clicks just to show that.

Well sometimes i just want to browse my recordings with info while listening to music or watching TV/Movie/Show

Maybe I’m not clear enough, the Kodi API when getting recording info does not return everything you get when playing them.

The only data I can get that have meaning is the plot / genre that’s all I could display.

You were clear enough. For me the plot would be enough.
But it is no problem if you don’t want to implement this.

I have no decided yet it’s not closed :wink:

I’ll maybe add 3 dots to allow seeing the plot will see, but not high priority.

Haha, thank you.
Thank you for this incredibly great app and your years of hard work.
I have build a similar iOS app for MediaPortal (MediaPortal iViewer) a few years ago so i know how much work it is. :wink::slightly_smiling_face: