Add option to play Direct Links


I would like to request a feature which would allow me to input URLs to play on Media Centres such as Kodi.

I would really appreciate if you would add it soon as I have hard time streaming movies on Kodi.

Just click on the URL and select play on media center :wink:

Nope it doesn’t always work for me
Basically it gives that option only when I don’t need it
and When I do, it’s not there

example : google drive link (not even direct)
and when I have direct link for .mp4 , It’s nowhere to be found :frowning:

So please add something in the app to let us put the links there

Or give the necessary information so that it works all the time?

Mp4 links works for sure, please open issue with way more details about the cases that does not work on your device.

Of course you can also do nothing and complain that I do not implement a function that would require 10 clicks instead of trying to fix the function that require only 2 :wink: