Add Now playing media (or selected queue items) as favourite

Ok. If i am right, noone talked of this by now :wink:
I often use external programs (such as web video browsers) to cast media urls to Kodi via Yatse.
It would be a very useful (and maybe not so hard to code) feature, to have an “Add to Favorites” button inside “now playing” controls, and maybe on the “queue items” (selected ones).
This way any url could be added to Kodi’s favourites.xml (i remember i have done this manually in text editor).
In addition we could have a similar button inside “Favorites Tab”, which pops up a textbox, where you could write/paste a custom url (and title). But i don’t wanna ask too much :wink:

I always wandered why such an easy custom favorites option was never implemented in Kodi itself… For me it would be as simple as useful!
Hope i am not the only one needing this :smiley:

The fact that it’s not in Kodi itself gives a clue about how favourites are a very poor child in Kodi :slight_smile:

Most people use other solutions via addons to manage their favourites.

The problem is that the Kodi API about favourites is very limited as no delete and no edit function due to no way to validate how it should be made. Since the start of Yatse I always chose to only implement things that fully works and not things that halfway works and that users would not fully understand.

That’s why Yatse have it’s internal favorites system, can import from Kodi but can’t push to Kodi as it would be too limited.

So maybe we(you) could implement those features editing only Yatse’s local favorites list…
Do you think there will be any chance for my requests? :sweat_smile:

As long a feature request is not closed there’s hope :wink:

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If i am right, you just realized my wishes almost totally in latest update!
Cannot express my gratitude in an adequate way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well you can be sure to have paid the unlocker :wink: And eventually a donation subscription :wink: