Add keyboard shortcuts to custom commands

Hi, I’m trying to add a custom command as a keyboard shortcut to send CTRL+J in Kodi. This is to bring up madVR’s debug OSD. How can we add keyboard shortcuts to custom commands?

As said in other issues this is not what you want. You need to know what CTRL+J calls in the keymap then use that as a custom command.

What I want is to know how to send keyboard keys, such as CTRL+J.

It seems that Yatse unfortunately does not have this ability.

Yatse send commands to Kodi not to the OS as there’s millions different OS.

So no Yatse can’t send real keyboard keypress as it’s impossible without a server part and even then not in all OS.

But as said for 99,9999% of the time this is not necessary, if madvr is integrated to Kodi then there should be a way to call it from kodi addons of other things without a keyboard too, so there is a command for that, and that command can be added to Yatse.