Add IMDB link to TV Show

I have quite often the use case to go to the IMDB site of a movie or TV show (for more information etc).

For movies I just open a movie, click on the 3 dots and get a context menu. Besides of the options like “toggle watched” or “add to favs” you can choose “IMDB” here. Quite good experience.

For TV show I miss this possibility.
When I open a TV show I can see some icons (eg download or toggle watched), however no IMDB or even “add to favs”. Ok, after clicking on the info button and investigated the info page I found the “add to favs” button (a lil bit hidden but fine), however no IMDB button.

What do you think, would it be possible to add the IMDB button to the TV show info page? Maybe like you added it on the actor page (e.g. 3 buttons on a horizontal way: IMDB, YouTube, Google).

I appreciate your work,

IMDB button is visible if Kodi returns IMDB ids :slight_smile: By default they return TMDB id that I can’t identify for sure.

I can’t invent the ID :frowning:

Oh, this is sad. :frowning:

Ok, so the only alternative that would be possible is a imdb-search-link. Imagine the TV show is called “stranger things” then the IMDB button would open following link:


I mean yes, this is not as perfect as the correct ID of the TV show, but only one more click :wink:

At least it would be better than my current approach: going to TV show, info page, click on an actor, click on IMDB button and on IMDB website I click on the TV show then :wink:

What do you think?

There’s a google search button already that have 99% of the time imdb as first result.

Hm… where is this button for the TV show? On the info page? Wasn’t able to find it.

Actually it should be on the long press as for the rest but it seems it’s not just on the episodes :slight_smile:

Will see to fix that.

Long press on which item?
For the episodes I could reach it via the 3-dots.

Off informations:

Investigation 1: I tested the Google search. One downside here is that it opens always the browser first. Then you click on imdb link, which finally opens the IMDB app (if installed).
Using directly the imdb-search-link as mentioned in my previous post, the IMDB app would open immediate, w/o opening the browser at all.

Investigation 2: The API of TMDB or TheTVDB also allows to get the IMDB ID via their internal (eg TMDB-)ID. So it would be possible, if someone clicks on the IMDB-button for TV shows, that you grab the IMDB ID via their API call. This is not smart from coding side (API call + parse for IMDB ID every time), but yatse-users would get the IMDB button (like the one for movies, identical usage) :slight_smile:


Long press on the shows.

And no sorry I won’t directly integrate some external API + parsing for that :slight_smile:

Use NFO and set IMDB ids on your shows / episodes and the button will directly be here.

Hi again,

I am not a fan of NFO (because it needs to be generated/adapted manually rather than having a generic solution), but I tried to use it on that way:
< ?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8” standalone=“yes” ?>
< tvshow>
< uniqueid type=“imdb”>ttxxxxxx< /uniqueid>
< /tvshow>
But no IMDB button pop’d up in Yatse :-/

When thinking about a generic solution I would really love to see the same you did for movies (consistency) - I tried to photoshop it:

On image 1 you can see your context menu on a movie page if you click on the 3dots.

Image 2 shows the current tv show page, where I would replace the “eye” with the “3dots”.

The result can be shown on image 3 which displays the opened context menu when the 3dots were clicked. Since we have no IMDB id yet, you could use the “IMDB search” (like you did for google and youtube). Since you can add the type (tv show) to an IMDB search, it will be relative precisely (see my link some reply-messages before).

What do you think?

As said I won’t add IMDB search as if the id is here then it’s used.

If IMDB why not Omdb then tmdb then all the other database that exists? This is an endless problem unfortunately.
Google does search in all those database that’s why it’s here it’s generic enough to cover most of the needs.

Where? Can you provide screenshot please. As mentioned, i tried to add it via nfo, but I cannot see this button…

Because IMDB is the most famous one? Thats the reason why you used it for movies also (see my screenshot 1), rather than using TMDB etc.?

Also this I cannot see in the tv show screen. I can only see “info”-, “download”, “watch” and “episode list”-buttons on tv show screen (see my screenshot 2). On info-screen I cannot see that “google search”- and IMDB-buttons also.

Long Press

I personally do not use IMDB but Allociné :wink: And there’s no search function for movies just a direct link if Kodi provide the proper information.

As explained already it’s long press but google is currently missing (but present in next version)

Hm, ok, the following image shows my “tv show”-screen where I want to click on the IMDB link. So I would assume I can do the (long-)click here somewhere, since I want to visit the IMDB website related to this tv show? But where? ^^

And second, is this nfo correct for IMDB link?
< ?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8” standalone=“yes” ?>
< tvshow>
< uniqueid type=“imdb”>ttxxxxxx< /uniqueid>
< /tvshow>
Should now IMDB button appear?

Long press the show so the screen before this one and no idea about nfo content I use tools for that like EMM.

Ehm, why on the list-screen only?
Normally (from UX perspective) I would assume to go to the “tv show”-screen (where you see the seasons and all the infos about the tv show) and then there is also the IMDB-button (like you did it on the movie-screen). Why breaking this consistency?

But even a long press on the show (on list-screen with all the tv shows) does not display the IMDB button…
I checked the same behavior on the movies-list, there it shows Imdb. But hell, I cannot think someone is doing a long-press on the movie to be able to go to IMDB. I would assume they click on the movie, then on the 3 dots-> IMDB (way more comfortable). And the same for tv shows would be nice/expected!

You definitively love to argue endlessly :slight_smile:

Movies are like Episodes, Shows are like Movie set, there’s absolutely nothing in common between Show and movie so don’t know why you talk about consistency :wink:

If the imdb icon is not visible then Kodi does not return it out of my reach.

No, I just see a typical use case and try to show you the needs (it looks like that sometimes it needs to be showed from different point of views…).

Simple said:
When I go through my tv show library and click on a tv show and its infos (plot, rating etc.) I would expect to also have an IMDB button to get more information. Like you did it for the movies.

“Movies are like Episodes, Shows are like Movie set”
Maybe from your implementation side, but not in the real world. I see no point to have an IMDB button for a movie set, and less use cases for having it for an episode, but I see many to have it for movies and tv shows (because people are interested in more informations for their tv shows/movies, rather than single episodes or even movie sets).

But it is fine. As always, if you cannot comprehend/understand the reason, it make no sense to further discuss (not argue) the idea of this feature request. I always just try to make the workflow more comfortable.

People watch episodes and movies :wink:

And yes currently there’s no full page show details so no adding an imdb search feature on a place where it does not belong is just an hack not an actual solution.

The actual solution would be that the show page would be a full description page, but that changes a lot the navigation flows and from the feedback I have seeing the full show description each time they go select their next episode to watch makes no sense.

The need is different between movies and shows. While many downloads all movies automatically most don’t do that for shows.

When you are watching an episode if the imdb data is returned there’s a direct imdb button too.
You do not need to have an imdb button each time you browse a show to select your next episode.

So yes you have a special need, but no it’s not the majority of the needs, long press have imdb so fit your needs, next version have back the missing google search on long press too. Your need is addressed without impacting the other users who do not have that need.

I created a nfo with IMDB id via TMM (tinymediamanager), but the button did not appear.

Actually I like your info-page of the tv shows, which is ~like a “full description” page. That would be a wonderful place for that IMDB button and my perfect solution for this feature request :wink:

Thanks for your time.

You feature request is already filled there’s already an imdb link :wink:

For the rest since all that time you should know about mandatory logs.