Add commands to import list


I’m wondering if it’s possible to add custom commands to the import list.
That would be much easier to create, edit, backup and share the commands.

I didn’t find anything yet…

I’m sorry but I do not really understand your question.

Current have a bug in the create menu, but then you can export them to cloud and restore them and edit them and do everything you want.

Thanks for the fast answer. :slight_smile:

Now I backuped my custom commands in the cloud (Google Play Games) but I don’t know how to access the files to edit them. Creating the commands on the phone is quite hard going, so I want to do this on a PC and then import to the App.

Oh ok :slight_smile: Was really not clear in first post.

Then it’s not currently possible and so a feature requests :wink:

Hm, so can you tell me, where the information for the imported default commands comes from? Is it a Yatse feature or does it download the commands from the Kodi device?
Maybe adding new commands there is possible :wink:

It’s internal to Yatse and no you can’t or I’d have told you how :wink: