Add audioBook Library for Jellyfin

Can the eBook Library category be added for Jellyfin? I use this as a workaround to stream from my Jellyfin server in Android Auto. I can’t play my ebooks and podcasts unless they’re in my Music library.

Audio Books should already be synced to Music Library.

eBooks are not really playable so no sure how they are related to Android Auto.

Can you better explain the need and if you are talking about audio book provide logs in case the libraries are not synced.

I messed up my terminology. Audio books is what I meant. I put them and podcasts in the Books library on Jellyfin. Can that category be added to Yatse? I don’t see them showing up in Music as I have them set up the separate library.

As said Audio Books should be synced inside the normal music library, please open an issue with logs.
Yatse have no points in adding separate audio books sections as Kodi / local device does not support them and Yatse can easily filter by source at any time.