Activate Android lockscreen controls

Remote control on the screen lock? In Kore I have a great option thanks to which the whole remote control will appear on the screen lock. Can I get the same in Yatse?

I found the instructions:

but nowhere can I find the parameter:

It all depends on your Android version.

But mostly you just have to enable the show notification option to have the now playing control over lockscreen. (That’s what that option does on lower android version).

The other option is disable Keyguard to have full Yatse working over lockscreen (But on some Android os some dialogs will causes issues).

I have android 10. I would like to get the same effect as in Kore (which de facto always worked for me).

I would like to see the remote control on the lock screen, full screen. I think this is the best Kore option it has. Thanks to this, I put the old phone in the lock mode and everyone has access to the remote control.

So as said the disable keyguard is what you are looking for :wink:

And for the record 100% of what is in Kore was in Yatse before, I know most people don’t know but it started and is still a clone of older Yatse versions.