Accessing Kodi Playlists?

Perhaps I am missing something elementary, but I do not understand how Yatse handles playlists. I just want to set it up as a remote so I can play music easily on my home media player in my home. It works great for finding an album, or an artist, or a genre, whatever… all that information from my media PC is there. I have a few dozen playlists set up on Kodi on my media PC, but that is the only information Yatse on my Android phone seems unable to access. Are playlists on Yatse only a local phenomenon? Or is there a way to simply access and use Kodi playlists?

Playlist in the library menu are internals to Yatse yes, Kodi lacks necessary API.

You can reach Kodi playlist in File menu then Playlist (The only way to access them from Kodi)

Ah, I see. Unfortunately, the File menu technique only allows playing a song at a time from a playlist. Seems like an odd omission from the API, but I’m not a programmer. And Yatse won’t let me import these playlists. Guess I’ll have to keep investigating to figure out if there’s some other technique. Thanks for the response.

Long press the playlist then play or press the play button and play all, … :slight_smile: