Ability to set tags on videos

Unless I’ve missed it, there is the ability to browse by tags, but no ability to set tags on media. It would be a nice addition to be able to set tags in the app without having to do it through the Kodi UI.


Sorry as said in another feature request, there’s currently no plans to add database editing functions to Yatse there’s plenty of better more advanced tools that works better on a computer large screen.

Hmm, but you already do with watched count on toggle watch status… I wouldn’t think this would be too far outside the realm of what is already done. It’s certainly not taking on the complexity of adding or removing items from the library.

I’d disagree with the latter part too, none of the desktop tools do much interacting with Kodi or the underlying SQL db directly anymore they all just mangle the file system and place additional info files on the disk. I was hoping to see one of the RPC clients improving this functionality and Yatse is the most user friendly and the one I use the most.

I manage watched count and resume points because Yatse can play Kodi content on non Kodi renderers and so must update Kodi database manually to keep status consistent.

EMM and I think TMM have direct Kodi database handling, but Kodi is error prone and crash prone, it is always better to have the proper metadata (nfo, tags,…) on your media than relying on internal Kodi database to tweak those.