401 error when download a file

I’m using Yatse on Android 9 and Kodi on a Raspberry Pi (LibreELEC).

-Go to Yatse FAQ
-Click on [Streaming issues and solutions]
-Open [Streaming does not work / Error 401]
-Read “try to offline download a file from Yatse and see if it shows error 401” (yes! that’s the problem I’m facing!)
-Read and click on “See [here for help about offline files.]” (sounds promising!)
-It goes to a generic and basic “How To”. Don’t even show how to change internal/external storage for offline files.

No help at all with 401 error.

And this forum clearly says that logs are mandatory and how to get them and yet once again as in the FAQ you forget :wink:

And no the FAQ is not generic it’s actually quite precise

You have error 401, you click error 401 and it says that you need to fix Kodi configuration by adding the proper sources due to auto mounted folders most of the time.
But since no logs and no details it’s nearly all I can tell.

The read about offline files is for how to try to download file. You should have just continued to read the actual FAQ about the issue :slight_smile:

Extract of the FAQ:

This is most of the time due to a problem with Kodi internal security .
If Yatse says Error 401 - Unable to access this media then you are facing this problem, else to confirm this just try to offline download a file from Yatse and see if it shows error 401 . See here for help about offline files. If you see error 401 then you are facing this problem. If not then see the rest of this article

So you have confirmed it’s Kodi security and the line just after says:

Kodi security

So probably have the solution :wink:

If you find this confusing please feel free to propose a cleaner way to build that help page about a Kodi issue.