11.2.5a - Fanart and Posters party not displayed anymore

Normally, when I scroll manually through the list or go into the movie detail page, the images are loaded on the fly. But right now, for some movies it does not. The posters or the fanarts are gone.

When I try to pre-fetch e.g. Thumbnails/Fanarts, it generates a lot of files, but at the end it shows: Download error 1443. Not sure if this is related to the above one.

I went into Movies, clicked on a movie (where i know that it does not show a fanart even it is available):

After I returned from the movie detail page, the screen (list of movies) flashes also!

So I have 3 issues:

  • some posters/fanarts are missing
  • donwload of posters/fanarts show error
  • when returning from a movie detail page back to the list, flashes the screen sometimes


Ignoring previously failed load for

Your Kodi fails to give the images, force kill Yatse and check the logs of Kodi you’ll see errors about sources, fix them as per the FAQ and it will work.

Hm… yes, something was weird, broken, idk… At the end, deleting the texture DB fixed the issue…