1 of 3 Emby music libraries missing

Hi, I’m primarily using yatse as a music streamer for emby (works beautifully by the way).

I have 3 separate music libraries in emby, 1 is my main music library (called ‘Music’ in emby), 1 is music for my kids ('Kids Music’s in emby), and the last is for Christmas music ('Christmas Music’s in emby).

My emby profile has access to all 3 libraries, but only the Music and Kids music libraries appear in yatse (combined in the Music section of yatse). When I set up this emby profile in yatse, in the ‘exclude library section’, I can see the Christmas music library (it isn’t excluded), but the songs do not show up either under the music section of yatse, or when I try to create a smart playlist and try to limit the source library (only my main music library is shown as I have excluded kids music).

I’m not sure what other info you need, but here is a log of me syncing emby and also trying to create a smart playlist and selecting the source library (where Christmas music is missing).

debug-20201224_160520.zip (421.1 KB)

Please let me know if any other info that would be helpful.


I was able to figure out the problem. i’m running the latest beta server for Emby, and there is a change (not sure exactly which beta version) in regards to music library organization in the server settings.

I didn’t realize that the Music & Kids Music libraries were set up in traditional Artist/Album/Song format in emby, whereas the Christmas Music library was set to ‘Other or Unstructured’. I removed the library, and re-added it to emby with the Artist/Album/Song format, re-synced the yatse DB, and everything is working as it should.

Apologies as this was an issue on my end and not on Yatse.

Merry Christmas!

Hum Other thing is a new setting for music libraries?
Do you have a link to where they explain this new thing by luck so I can check what it’s made for ?

Sure, here is a link to the thread where Luke announced the change:


Thanks will look into that.