Yatse won't work with VPN on , but will if turned off

hi members , I very much enjoy Yatse only I have one issue. Simply when I’m connected to a VPN server on my phone. Yatse won’t work (Power on etc). But if I disconnect from the server Yatse works great…

anyone come across this issue before and know how to fix it ?..log attached

I would like to explain how I’m using Yatse

Yatse Android over WiFi to Xbmc Starter on my PC. Then Kodi 17.6 output over HDMI to my LCD TV

(6.9 KB)

HTTP FAILED: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: failed to connect to / (port 2020) from / (port 53078) after 5000ms

This is how VPN works, you are no more connected to your local network but to someonelse network. And from that network you can’t access your Kodi (And hopefully else everyone would had access to it)

You need to see if your VPN support range routing to still have the lan traffic working outside the VPN. But most don’t support that.

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hi Tolriq , thank you for the explanation it clears up my query. Much appreciated