Yatse offline media download location now internal storage even with external selected

Latest version 8.5.5a is downloading offline media to internal storage even though external is selected. Reselecting external makes no difference.

Please add logs

Sure no problem. Do you want the logs during the download or the playback or both?

Or during the selecting of the download location?

I need both :slight_smile:

And check if the storage location indicated under correctly change.

So activate logs. Switch to local storage. Exit settings. Switch to external setings verify value. Exit settings.
Download something then play it

Ok. It was set as the external. Changed to internal,exit settings, went back in an changed it back to external and it now correctly downloads to external. The debug doesn’t include a pretest showing that with exteral, it was downloading to internal.

Where/how do I attach the debug file to to this support log?

Hum so now all works correctly :frowning: Probably a glitch during migration but will be hard to find.

There’s an upload button in the post dialog for the logs. But mail is OK if you reference threads.

OK thanks. I did send by email. It looks like the location changed from cache to files now too and I had to manually delete all my old media from the cache/offline folders as the downloads cleanup didn’t remove them. You may want to consider adding a routine to remove files from the old location if their current download folder doesn’t match as without this many won’t know to manually delete these. I had about 25 GB of orphaned files.

debug-20180814_144532.zip (9.6 KB)

Yes I did get them but they only show the working part so can’t really help finding what happened.

The files are moved to files folder during update they should not stay in cache. Something went totally wrong during your Yatse update but no idea what and can’t reproduce and no other report :frowning:

Or your external storage was not available during Yatse update? Like you removed the SDCard at some point ?

I have same problem few days ago.
Offline media catalog is set to external storage. After download new offline albums, files was located to internal storage. External located files doesn’t playback now. I’ve move new albums to sdcard but Yatse don’t recognize it.

You need to apply the same solution.

Change to internal storage exit settings, change to external storage exit settings.

Location of media is now in files and not cache folder.

I really need to find a way to reproduce that update bug :frowning:

To reproduce it, I would do the following:

  • Have the prior version installed
  • Set storage to external - likely it would be in the cache/offline on the external media
  • Download a file for offline viewing and confirm it is stored in the above folder
  • Upgrade
  • Reopen Yatse and attempt to download another file and confirm where it is stored (expect it to be internal)
  • Check the current download location
  • See if you can play the first file downloaded
  • Then if it does download to internal, and shows as currently being external: change to internal and back to external.
  • This will resolve it, but leave all prior downloaded media orphaned. Doing the downloaded media cleanup doesn’t remove them and you will have to use a file manager to locate them and delete them manually.

Well this is the standard pattern that was used to test that the update path work :slight_smile:

So this does not trigger any issues on my devices and emulators :frowning:

If you can reproduce logs could help a lotttttt.

At this point most people that would be impacted, probably were already. May be worth adding something to cleanup the orphaned files. I could reproduce it with logs if I got an older version APK and newer version APK. Is it worth it at this point?

Well this step was the first toward new cool things for offline media, so yes cleanup that missed migration could be integrated to the cleanup procedure.

Let’s avoid logs and searching a bug that is too late to fix :frowning:

Since it was not seen during beta, you may want to join it to help in the future :slight_smile:

I know about that:)
One more things to my previous post. When i change settings to internal storage, new offline album are available and playback. Old albums doesn’t playback. When i’m back to external storage setup, old offline albums are available, new offline album doesn’t. This is similar to reproduce pattern written by Bob_Sleik.

PS. Sorry for my english, it’s not my native language. I hope you understand me:)

You now have media on both places :slight_smile:

If you don’t know how to move the files as explained in this issue, simplest solution is to uninstall Yatse and install it again to start fresh without leftover data.