Yatse not longer opens from the widget

I recall opening the yatse app directly clicking anywhere on the widget, but now when I click on the widget nothing happens. If anything is playing and I click on a button (play, pause, etc.) it works fine, but the app won’t open.
It’s something to do with my config?

What widget? What Yatse version? Where are the mandatory logs? :slight_smile:

Sorry: 5x3 widget. Yatse 9.5.0

App does not generate logs, I supose that it’s because the app does not open… Anyway I’ve clicked on a button in order to generate a log to attach. debug.log (53.3 KB)

Looks like some nice Xiaomi things :slight_smile:

See https://c.mi.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2706602&page=1&extra=#pid13230474 and confirm it fix.

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Awesome! You’re the best!

I have same problem on my Redmi 4x MIUI 11.0.2. Confirm solution from #4