Yatse for sm t-110

I want to use my old Samsung Tab 3 lite to controle Kodi from it.
The Tablet has the model number: SM-T110 and it runs on Android (Jelly Bean) v4.2.2

The Play Store saies your free App “Yatse: Kodi Fernbedienung und Cast” is not compatible with my device.

Is there an older version which I can use and where can i get it?

thank you in advance

Here is a screenshot with the information of my device

You can use 8.9.0a and find it on ApkMirror for example.

I cant find a version 8.9.0a on Apkmirror.
Did you meen version 8.8.8a, or the fist variant of the 8.9.0?

(for reference the link to Apkmirror: https://www.apkmirror.com/uploads/?q=yatse)

best regards

Seems they missed it use the 8.9.0 :slight_smile: