Yatse does not pass on youtube search request to the youtube addon

Using yatse with the Youtube Addon to start a new search does not work anymore.
Had wanted to use the function again for some time but the search queries are no longer passed to the youtube addon.

Has something changed in the betas of Yatse?

The youtube addon is still the same.

debug.zip (13.0 KB)

Kodi addon was updated as broken and you now need to enter an API key in it :slight_smile:

Configure the addon correctly and it will work, else they have broken something else :frowning:

Api Key I have of course set up.
The Youtube addon in the TV itself works fine, when I start the search with the yatse keyboard on the screen it works.

Unfortunately not via the addon on yatse.

I hope I have expressed myself clearly.

I hope I expressed myself clearly : "else they have broken something else "

Provide Kodi logs to see.

i took my time again and found out that the request is sent to Kodi but youtube does not follow up the request.

Only after I started youtube with the yatse keyboard youtube takes care of the search and sends it to yatse.

So youtube is not started with the addon from yatse for the search?

Already found search results can be played without Youtube being started on the screen before without problems.

If you want me to send logs please say.

There’s no API to manage properly Kodi addons and search and browsing, it’s just vfs based, there’s is absolutely nothing that Yatse can do to fix this Youtube addon issue in a generic way.