Yatse airplay on yamaha reiever gives error does your player supports file format

Recently bought yamaha receiever RX-V6A with inbuilt airplay.
I am able to play from spotify on the receiver using airplay.

From yatse using jellyfin it says does your player supports format (for all flac files)

The receiver also has upnp but I had configured jellyfin over internet and upnp play was also not working either as soon as I added lan server of jellyfin upnp started working but not airplay.

I don’t want you to debug all logs etc and waste your time as upnp is working so its fine for me.

I just want pointers to how to debug myself. Is it because the airplay in the receiever already has plugins for spotify, deezer etc and as yatse is using jellyfin for which there is no inbuilt plugin it can’t play?

Thanks for such an awesome app and I have refereed it to several of my friends two of whom bought the pro license but other have apple devices are you planning to make it available for ios.

Airplay in Yatse does not support audio as it requires encryption and costly licenses from Apple.

UPnP should work from internet you probably have certificate issues.

thanks that’s all i wanted to know.

i would have guessed that anything built by apple won’t be without its flaws for keeping it hard to use for general public.

Airplay 1 was cracked but using that on Play Store would lead to instant ban :slight_smile: