Yatse 8.5.5a Pro ignores language setting


this is a Android 8.1.0 phone, with the OS language being German. Of course Yatse automatically set itself to the German translation.

However, for the sake of bug reporting and clarity, I set the interface language to English. But the interface does not change to English at all, it keeps everything in German. Closing Yatse completely does not change anything. The language configuration item is accepted and still shows English even after restarting Yatse, but the language does not actually change.

Rebooting the entire phone also has no effect.

This is Yatse 8.5.5a Pro on Android 8.1.0 (vanilla Android on a Xiami Mi A1).

Debug log shows nothing at all while switching language:

2018-08-31 00:14:35.704 Verbose/Kodi-Krypton: [email protected]: Stopping TCPListener
2018-08-31 00:14:35.705 Verbose/Kodi-Krypton: [email protected]: Disconnecting TCPSocket
2018-08-31 00:14:53.762 Verbose/NetworkManager: [email protected]: Network Status Check
2018-08-31 00:14:53.763 Verbose/NetworkManager: [email protected]: Wifi Only
2018-08-31 00:14:53.764 Verbose/NetworkManager: [email protected]: Connected and not SSID forced
2018-08-31 00:14:53.765 Verbose/Kodi-Krypton: [email protected]: Starting TCPListener for:
2018-08-31 00:14:56.422 Verbose/NetworkManager: [email protected]: Network Status Check
2018-08-31 00:14:56.423 Verbose/NetworkManager: [email protected]: Wifi Only
2018-08-31 00:14:56.424 Verbose/NetworkManager: [email protected]: Connected and not SSID forced

Thanks for those 10 lines of logs :wink: But please provide full unedited logs as you don’t know where to look :wink:

I enabled debug mode, set the language to English, and disabled debug mode, the entire log file consists of those 10 lines, the zip file is 370 byte.

So I tried something different, I enabled debug mode, closed yatse. Killed Yatse completely. Startet Yatse and set the language to English, this is the debug log:


I reproduced the same exact problem on a Samsung Galaxy A5 running Android 8.0.0 - same issue.

Also, I can confirm that even if the language in Yatse is set to something other than the device default, a setting which is then ignored, Yatse still changes language according to the device default.

So Yatse always uses the device default, ignoring it’s own setting. Varying the device default language, also varies Yatse language.

Thanks, so seems Google have removed the hack used to do that on Android 8+ without returning errors.

Will have to check if there’s new ways to do that, (Remember that overriding OS language is against all Google recommendations :()

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Will be fixed in next release (after 8.6.0 in case you have not yet updated ;))

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Thanks, works just fine in 8.6.5.