Yatse 8.5.0. Playlists Missing

Hi, I am having trouble getting playlists to show up under the “Files” menu.

On Kodi I have a “Smart” playlist, which is also added to the “Favourites” menu entry.

On Yatse I can see all of my favourites except the playlist. This continues if I swipe under audio files tab, and the playlist folder is empty.

As always logs please

Logs shows that you have no playlist at the correct position in Kodi :frowning:

Where is stored that playlist? Do you use profiles?

You seem to be right. I checked the Kodi Web GUI and it also does not list any playlists.
I am using the OSMC distro. I have only one user profile, the default one. Maybe OSMC stores the smart playlist at a different location.

Logs don’t lie :slight_smile:

For pure Kodi I suggest you use LibreElec :slight_smile:

But playlist support in Kodi is limited (understand does not exist) so only playlists stored in a special virtual directory can be hacked by remote / web interfaces).

Resolved by manually creating a new smart playlist.
The OSMC predefined one is stored outside the special://musicplaylist (~/.kodi/userdata/playlist/music/) directory.
Than I could see the playlist under Yatse audio files tab, under playlist folder. Selected the playlist, clicked the heart icon, to add to favourites under Yatse, since import from media centre did not correctly import the playlist.

Logs did not show any favorites attempt :slight_smile:

The actions described in the last comment were done after I’ve sent the logs :slight_smile:

Anyways if you would like, I enable the debug once again, now that the playlist exists, so we can try and figure out why its not imported correctly.

Yes please :slight_smile: