Would like to pause and seek when casting


I would like to know if it it’s possible to have pause and seek functionality when using yatse to cast to my Samsung (old) smart TV.

I have a HTPC that runs Kodi.
I have a Samsung smart TV.
And I have a Samsung phone and tablet that runs Yatse.

In Yatse I can cast to my Samsung TV. And it actually works quite well, except that when I press pause on the Samsung remote a message “Not Available” appears on my TV. I also don’t have “seek” functionality available, and I can’t resume video’s.

I could just accept this limitation, however if I use my Samsung TV to manually browse to the Kodi DLNA server and start a video from there, I can pause and seek.
So I’m technically curious what actually happens when you use Yatse to cast to my TV. How is it different to using DLNA directly from the TV?
Does it stream the data from Kodi->Tablet->TV, or does it go from Kodi->TV directly?

And of course I would like to do if I can do something to get pause/seek functionality with Yatse casting.

Thanks for any help!

I have attached log files from Yatse and Kodi while I cast a movie with Yatse and press pause on the TV remote.
debug-20200125_162111.zip (20.0 KB)
kodi.zip (236.9 KB)

To simulate the Tv using Kodi UPnp just activate the Yatse option Force UPnP for streaming that will use the Kodi UPnP server that is often less bugged than the default one due to how Kodi bundles different and older version of the server libraries (Specially on Windows)

Thank you. That works!