Volume control sometimes does not work

Issue description:

Volume control sometimes works, sometimes not. If it does not work, a notification is shown on Kodi that it does not work. I captured this case in the logs, but I am not sure if you can see anything on Yatse side or if that is a Kodi problem?

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After some browsing through old cases, I think I got an idea what could be the problem: Kodi volume cannot be changed when audio pass-through to the AVR is enabled, right? Makes sense, when the DD/DTS/… stream is passed to the receiver directly, there is no way to change the volume of the stream outside of the AVR.

That’s it except if your receiver and kodi and everything support CEC.

Ah OK. That explains a lot. I had CEC enabled in the past, but disabled it, because it often re-enabled my TV after I shut it off. That is why volume control worked in the past. And now it works for music, but not for movies/series, because they are mostly DD/DTS.