View Only Offline Music in Android Auto

I suspect I’m just missing this, but if this isn’t already implemented, it would be nice to be able to browse only music that has been downloaded to device when using Android Auto. As is, I see options to view things like “Recently Played” or “Recently Added” in Android Auto, but those are populated based upon my Plex server, and I’d like to see just what I’ve downloaded to my device.

I apologize in advance if this is, indeed, already implemented!

In theory just enable the only offline filter inside Yatse to work in that mode. (There’s also a setting to automatically toggle that when not connected to Media Center)

Thank you very much for the reply!

However, I’ve tried that, but I still see everything from the Plex library (i.e., even when I’ve set the device to only show items that are “Available Offline”). Notably, when using the interface from the device itself, it behaves as expected: it’s when I use the interface from Android Auto that the entire library shows up.

I’ve also tried going into the Media Center menu from Android Auto, where I can select either “Local Device” or “Plex,” but after selecting Local Device, all other menus subsequently report “No result,” and after selecting Plex I see the entire library (i.e., albums and artists that have not been downloaded locally).

Then I’ll need logs:

I don’t mean to be ignoring this (now two-month-old) request for a system log, and I will provide that before requesting further assistance.

However, I think I may have figured out what has been causing my (very few) issues with Yatse: I often cast music to various Chromecast devices in my house, but I rarely think to tell the app on my Android phone to stop casting when I’m done. I keep assuming that after the music is done the app will stop trying to cast on its own.

It now appears to me as though the Android Auto issue I was experiencing (i.e., that from the Android Auto interface I’d see my entire Plex library as opposed to just items downloaded to my phone) happens specifically when my phone is still set to cast. I need to test again next time I’m in the car, but I finally thought of this yesterday while using Android Auto, and as soon as I told my phone to stop casting, the Android Auto behavior switched to what is desired / expected (i.e., only showed content downloaded to my phone).


Player have no effect on library views.

And Yatse keep the previous player unless stop casting or unable to connect (unless you enable the setting ;))

Please provide logs.