Version 10.0.0b1 volume 100% bug

It seems that there is a continueing stream of json cmnds being triggered since b1 that puts the volume to level 100, without any user interaction, resulting in showing the volume level-up bar on screen almost constantly which is quite annoying. Manually lowering the volume to (e.g.) 50% results in an automated return to the 100% setting. (2.2 KB)

I can see that the volume is going up but this is not sent by Yatse sorry, logs show nothing sent and everything is logged.

Any idea as to what’s causing this? I have closed all webbrowsers (because it seemed to be targeted to port 8080 so webbased json) and that didn’t change anything. Rebooting phone did…

But it seems that is is webbased (so there is no othet explanation as the webinterface) ??

Check Kodi logs and other apps you can use.

  1. Uninstalled some app named Kyuck?? :wink: (no change, wasn’t connected or setup)
  2. Rebooted again, it is actually my phone that is doing the volume control. It starts BEFORE asking the 4-digit number…

Thanx for help, going to do some checking…

Sounds like a network issue and something replaying packets.

Maybe some Proxy/VPN on your device?

Did a full scan of the device (no proxy/vpn’s), nothing found. Using the “Shield TV remote sw” too but it doesn’t seem to matter if it runs, or not…
Going to “switch off” my beta version and revert to the 9.x latest to see if, with exactly the samr config and only diff the Yatse version, the problem still exists. :wink:

Kodi logs would already have told you a lot of info about what input / command is used.

And to remove Yatse usage just select local device in left menu and 0 access to Kodi can be made.

Problem was solved, indeed another device was sending constantly a volume-up code to kodi.

Thanks for the assistance! :+1: