Tv show - Season get skipped

Issue description:
Running Yatse 10.0.5b on Android 10 i noticed that season view gets skipped if only one season has unviewed episodes. But season skipping is disabled within the database settings. It seems to me this is a new issue. Is this the intendend behavior? How to get back to ’
“always season- before episode list” flow?

Not necessary but can be handed later if requested.

Logs are always mandatory as written in the template, I really wonder why people always think they know they are not.

Anyway when you only have 1 season not watched and the hide watched episode filter enabled it does skip the seasons yes. As before. What do you see?

Thank you for response.
I tried to get a debug log but no file gets generated in the desired list.

Watched filter is enabled and e.g. E1 - E3 has been watched, E4 has unwatched episodes, Episode overview with (only) E4 gets skipped and i get forwarded to episodelist directly.
To my knowledge this behavior was different in the past. Was there some corresponding changes? Is it possible to keep the extra step due to season 4 hasn’t been watched jet? In my mind it ought be shown if i haven’t checked the skip seasons option.

yatse-settings-20201107_001646.yas (12.2 KB) pw:xxx

Edit: cross-checked with my 2nd device, running v10.4.5b and the bahavior is different. Single season doesn’t get skipped.

There’s always logs or Yatse would not work :wink:

Anyway the code may have been fixed, but why do you want to enable hide watched but still see watched things? You can’t have both incompatible needs at the same time.

Maybe i’m too stupid or i missed something but i’m not able to get the logs.

  • Enabled debug logging
  • switched so series
  • tapped a series which has one unviewd season
  • go back to settings and disabled debug logging
  • got to manage settings - manage logs and files
  • only yatse-settings-xxxxxx.yas files are listed

(german ui, maybe the points aren’t translated exactly)

Anyway back to the main issue.
In my mind if not all episodes of a season are watched, the season isn’t watched.
Corresponding to the above mentioned example, S1-S3 has to be hided but not S4 because e.g. E5-E10 has unwatched state.

When you disable log it should ask to send the logs.

Anyway about your issue again why do you want to see Season 4 forcing you to have one more click to reach the episodes for 0 purpose as all you can do from the season screen you can from the episode list.