To remove a single title

I have many wrong film title after scanning my library. So I want to delete them. How can I add this command to the yatse? Thanks so much.

To remove a single title…

  1. Navigate to the title to be removed from the library
  2. Call up the Context Menu (Image 1)
  3. Select Manage
  4. Select the last option Remove from library (Image 2)
  5. When asked Would you really like to remove from library? answer Yes

If you would also like the file deleted from your hard drive, ensure the setting Allow file renaming and deletion is enabled.

Be aware that the deletion setting will only delete the video file. Any artwork, nfo files, trailers, extras, movie folder etc, will not be deleted from the hard disk.

You can not :slight_smile:

It’s better to fix your nfos and start fresh will be way faster.