Static right remote panel in landscape?


I would like the option to have a static remote on the right side when on tablet in landscape mode.


This ask points out a larger gap IMO. YATSE doesnt have a satisfactory Now Playing screen for large tablets.

I asked for the buttons/icons at the bottom of the existing screen to be larger, much larger. Which would full fill the ‘nearly’ same result… making those buttons more usable on large tablets.

I think the entire screen needs an overhaul that incorporates the Remote (you show in the screenshot) integrated into a tablet version of Now Playing – with buttons large enough to use, but still smaller than the ones on the Remote, as you have shown. I have some ideas for layout that would be aesthetically pleasing and not detract from the rest of the visuals.


Now playing can be used from the remote screen why 2 remotes :slight_smile:

Button touch zone is larger than the icon and respect Google standards, making buttons bigger would not improve the usability. You’d still need 2 hands for that.