Start Button right Side of Display

After updating the soft to 10.4.0 i have under Film and Filmsets a Button on the right Side of Display.
Now I can´t select a film directly from the list, only with this Play Button. How can i change that?

I have no idea what you are talking about. That’s why there’s a template to ensure you directly give enough information to get some help.

Sorry, i write in my (bad) English. I try to say it in other words.

On Tablet you can see the Film poster (i use the Modus “list”) you can scroll between the posters, but you can´t select a film to play it. The same Problem in “Film sets”
I didn´t have problems to play the film with software 10.3.5
Since 10.4.0 i have this play button in List on the right down side. In my opinion this button ist part of my problem. How can i switch of the function of this play Button?

I hope, this information is helpfully.

The right down play button was always here and nothing have actually changed.

So I need asked logs: and more details about can’t select a movie to play. What does that mean? You click on it and the details page does not show? The page show without a play button ? …

My problem is, the text automatly is translated in erman, but right, the Detail Side is not shown. This Problem also is in Filmsets, but not in “Overview” In Overview the Detail side is shown and i can play the moie.

I can understand your asking for protokol. But i tirst must read more about this. I am absolutly beginner to managing such problems.

update, i wrote an email with my problen and debug information.

Yust to know. i solve the problem, but i dont know how. :slight_smile:
I uninstalled yatse and installed again directly as 10.4.0. Now it works.