Sorting artists by sortartist gone?

I was under the impression that in the artist view of the music library, artists were sorted by sortartist. In the current version (10.8.0/71108188-arm64-v8a) they are sorted by artist name, even if sortartist is set properly (i.e. Miles Davis → M, not D).

There is no switch in the settings to change the behaviour. Is that a regression bug?

No logs, no chocolate as the template says.

A large part is tied to sorttitle and the ignore article setting.

One change you probably had too is updating to Kodi 19.

Yeah, I know regarding the logs. But I thought this might be an easy one. I will provide logs now.

Kodi is still 18 (Libreelec stable), ignore article is on.

Logs sent via email.

Nothing received by mail.

Subject: [Support] Yatse logs - 20210417_183918

Hum logs where’s blocked on first server that’s strange.

Anyway from the logs Yatse correctly use the sort title.

So I’ll need your music DB to try to reproduce.

There you go.

[Link removed]

Works fine.

Describe better your issue.

Ok, that is impressive, but this is how it looks here:

Either Kodi 18 is an old version with a bug.
Or you synced without the ignore article settings on and you need to force sync again to have proper data.

I switched off “ignore article” and forced sync twice, once by long pressing “Music”, and once by scrolling down in artist view, but no change. Is there any other option.

Kodi version is 18.9 (18.9.0) Git:leia_pi4_18.9-Leia, which is LibreElec 9.2.6.

By the way, one other thing that keeps happening since recently is when you enter an artist in the artist view, or a movie collection (but not a TV series), and you hit “back” to the previous view, you are back at the beginning of the list (of artists or movies), and not where you were before.

E.g. if you are in artist view, scroll to D (or M, in my case), hit “Miles Davis” to see all his albums, and then hit “back”, you are at the top of the artist list again.

The option must be on as written :slight_smile:

Haha, I misread that! Switched it on again and synced, but no change :frowning:

Well this is not really possible

Please provide Yatse logs containing a sync to see what your Kodi sends

Sent, Subject:
[Support] Yatse logs - 20210418_162359

Use artist sortName: null

Seems you have not enabled to option in Kodi? Settings/Media/Music ?

Interestingly I don’t have this setting Kodi…

But it seems I have set it in advancedsettings.xml:

<advancedsettings> <sorttokens> <token>A</token> <token>La</token> </sorttokens> <musiclibrary> <useartistsortname>true</useartistsortname> </musiclibrary> </advancedsettings>

I removed it from advancedsettings and synced again, just to try, but still no difference.