Some youtube videos don't work


I use LibreELEC 9.0.1 on Odroid C2 and freshly installed Yatse from repo v 1.0.1, Yatse Kodi Helper script v 1.6.2

Most youtube videos work ok but some don’t.
Example of one that doesn’t work is:

WHat I mean by “doesn’t work” is it doesnt play at all, I see an error in the notification area that helper script failed.

I attached the kodi.log from the moment I shared the video above using Yatse ANdroid app.
Thx !

kodi.log (52.2 KB)

The Kodi logs are not complete and you have not enabled Yatse plugin debug mode.

kodi.log (63.4 KB)

Thanks seems Google updated YT and I need to update the plugin with new things.

Will try to push an update today.

Actually did it quickly now :wink: Test with 1.6.3

I would test it but I don’t see any 1.6.3 available for update.

Do I need to do something myself ? Or is it done through the 1.0.1 repo ?


I think Kodi have cache, pressing update on the repo would update that cache.

Perfect, works !

I only tested with the video that previously didn’t work with 1.6.2.