Smart filter keeps reappearing even if deleted

Issue description:

In music -> artists, a smart filter keeps appearing even after being deleted. I had it saved originally, but after it kept coming back all the time I had the stored filter deleted. The smart filter rules are still being activated every time I go to an artist.

Procedure (as done in debug logs)

  • Go to Music -> Artists
  • Select an artist - smart filter is active
  • Delete smart filter rules - everything is as expected
  • Go back to artists overview
  • Select any artist again - same smart filter as before is active again

I don’t know how to get rid of the smart filter permanently… can you help?


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Subject: [Support] Yatse logs - 20201026_105616


Additional information:

Note: the filter keeps any album of an artist from being displayed. If I switch to track view, ther is no filter and a tracks are shown. When I then go back to album view, the filter is gone there as well, and all albums are shown. When I the go back to artist overview and select an artist, the filter is back again.

There’s nothing related to smart filters in the logs you send.

Please explain better your issue without assuming the cause, but by precisely decribe what is happening.

That’s interesting, as I activated debug logs and then exactly did the procedure as above.

Trying to explain it better: I made a smart filter in the artist section some time ago, which limits genre to soundtrack (“genre is soundtrack”). I saved that filter so I could reuse it again. A couple of days ago I recognized that when going to music -> artists and select an artist, no albums are shown. I first thought it was a bug until I saw that the smart filter is still active. As the artist I selected had no albums in the genre “soundtracl”, nothing was shown.

When I delete the filter rules now (filter menu -> smart filters -> trash can icon), the filter rules are gone and all albums are visible. When I then go back to the artists overview and select the same or a different artist again, the filter rules (genre is soundtrack) are set again.

I even deleted the stored filter (filter menu -> smart filter -> load -> select stored filter -> delete), because I thought the stored filter is being loaded automatically. But that did not help. It seems the filter rules are persisted somewhere and cannot be permanently deleted.

I don’t know how to explain it better, please ask if anything is unclear.

Ok so you are mixing some stuff :slight_smile:
Smart filters are tied to specific things and don’t cross navigation and types.

Your issue is just that you have a smart filter applied to albums root. Remove it from the main album view.

The root filter should not be loaded in your case so I’ll look into it but in all cases when you have issue with a type of objects it’s tied to something applied to this type

Thanks, that did the trick!

Ok, now I get it: the filter was applied to all albums, and when I select an artist, that is also an “album view” and hence the filter applies. That is a little counter intuitive, because I thought I was in the “artist view”, not the album view. But I understand the reason now.

I did not fully grasp yet where the filters are tied to - iss it always the “root” of something? I looked for an article explaining that, but there seems to be none.

Filters are applied to current screen and only current screen.
They are auto saved / applied for the root lists (So the tabbed screen).
Seems there’s a bug and the filter is loaded on a sub screen when it should not (reason why removing it from that subscreen does not update the root one as it should not be loaded in the first place)

Thanks for the explanation. I will try a little with the filters and maybe write a tipps post for that.

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