Smart filter is not remembered per artist, only on main pages like albums, genres etc

Issue description:
This might be intended behaviour, just wanted to confirm.

Note: I have the “genre to artist” option set.
When moving genreXY → artistXY (seeing the list of albums of that artist over all genres, not only the one selected), then apply a smart filter (in my case: filter for the previously selected genre), then hit the back button (now seing the list of artists in the genre) and then enter the same artist again, the smart filter is not loaded anymore.
This behavious is different from when I set a smart filter on a main page like albums, artists, genres - this filter will remain loaded when I exit that page and re-enter it later.

Probably it is too much effort to save every loaded smart filter on deeper levels?

Sent via email, subject: Yatse logs for issue 3400
While logging, I entered a genre (“Kompiliertes”), then entered an artist in the genre, loaded a smart filter, hit back, and entered the same artist again.


Additional information:

Yes it’s on purpose as most of the time it’s not wanted and having to manually remove the filter is a lot of clicks.

In a perfect world the genre would be kept in this navigation path, but Kodi API only properly handle this starting with v18/19 to apply song genres everywhere and not the random scraped genres that would not match and generate issues.

When v20 is out it will maybe be time to check again how many users still have not migrated to Kodi 18 and enable this.

You may want to open a feature request so I do not forget.

Thanks, I thought so.

Created the feature request 3401 for the genre thing.