Sharing Soundcloud links to Kodi from Android stopped working


a long time I used Yatse to play Soundcloud clips via Kodi from my Android phone by sharing links from the soundcloud app via yatse to kodi.
But now it’s not working anymore:

Steps to reproduce:

Open soundcloud app on Android phone and share a video to Kodi through the Yatse “Play on Media Center” button.
The screen displays the waiting animation briefly on kodi, the screen flashes then the screen remains at the menu.

Playing soundcloud clips in the yatse app works.
Now I wonder if this stops working in generally or if somethings wrong with my setup.

Thanks for hints and tips

Well as you may have notice there’s a template that you removed :wink: That template explains that logs are mandatory :slight_smile:

So please provide logs both Yatse and Kodi + with Yatse addon logging enabled if you use it.

Sorry, I thought logs might be not necessary if sharing soundcloud links has been disabled generally.

Here are my logs:

debug.log (29.9 KB)

Logs are always mandatory the message is pretty clear :wink: There’s a million Yatse version, a million Kodi version, multiple ways of sharing and a dozen parameters :wink:

Anyway this is not Kodi logs, Yatse have done it’s work so it’s a Kodi soundcloud addon issue they have broken something. In all case to avoid such issues it’s better to use Yatse addon.