Share any URI TO kodi

I often have a URI in my clipboard. I’d like to play that on Kodi. It seems at the moment I have to paste in somewhere (eg in WhatsApp) first and then click on it to raise the intent and then share to Kodi.

An easier way would be nice. Share URI. Input box pops up. I paste the link and click share. I tried implementing a JSONRPC command, but then I have to hardcode the URI that I want to share.

The question is more how do you end up with the url in the clipboard without being able to start it before?

Such paste dialog would generate a lot of support from users that do not understand what it does and how it works so I’ve always refused that for the moment.

Various ways, but all of them involve copying a URL as text to the clipboard, where it wasn’t a hyperlink (with href).

Examples: My seedbox at doesn’t give hyperlinks, but only a direct copying of url to clipboard. I assume it’s deliberately done as some security feature.

Or: I have URIs displayed in my Android terminal emulator.

Or: Some real hyperlink is malformed, so I copy it and when I want to paste it into Yatse I will fix the error.

Alternatively, make it possible to parameterize a JSONRPC command. Link variables to an inputbox or something?

Any feedback on this? This will be such a valuable feature. I needed it desperately again this morning.

It’s in next version via the paste dialog :wink: You can check translation site to have insights on features :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, but where do I find the paste dialog? I searched everywhere.

It’s was written in big in the changelog :slight_smile:
Long press the keyboard button or import the custom command.

Thanks. Success.

PS:Yes, changelogs are cool, but I can’t monitor every release’s full changelog. Also the current forum doesn’t make the changelogs very easy to scan as each release is a post on its own. A public markdown file with the union of changes from ALL releases would at least be easily searchable, though.

Imagine trying to find this specific change after landing on this page: . You can do a forum search, but then you’d need to know quite accurately what the correct search terms would need to be.

The changelog is forced display on update inside Yatse exactly for that reason :wink: You are free to ignore it but you are then not allowed to complain about not knowing what was written in it.

And to be honest:

  1. Next release after the date of my message is pretty easy to find there’s just one.
  2. Searching paste dialog directly gives the correct one too.
  3. Searching for text in a section that aggregate all the release or searching for the same text inside a document that I aggregate manually will give the exact same result so I don’t really understand that argument.

I’m not complaining. I really appreciate your help with this. I was just mentioning that people will be people and I gaurantee you that most people don’t read the changelogs. I maintain some open-source projects and it’s the same there.