Search fields are somehow recognized as password entry fields

In the Music section, it’s possible to search by Album, Artist, Track (etc). That search field is ‘hidden’ in the top bar.

When I tap the input field to input my search term, my phone pops up a window telling me that ‘the next time I can use Samsung Pass to fill this field with biometry instead of typing’

This window partially obscures the lists, and is annoying too :slight_smile:

Christ van Willegen

Well sounds like a SamsungPass bug I’m using the standard and have 0 options that could trigger that.

This link explains how to turn off SamsungPass. I’m not using that for filling in fields, so for me it’s no problem…

The component I use one of the most common one from Google, I’m pretty Samsung will fix that at some point.

I’ll see if I can disable autofill globally in the mean time.

I’ve added a random attempt to maybe workaround this in 8.6.5 can you enable this thing and see if it still happens?

I updated to the latest version. The SamsungPass thing does not pop up now. Looks good!