SD card isn't detected

Issue description: my sd card isn’t detected by yatse, and so I can’t set the folder for offline files on it.
However, my sd card is detected in every other software and in android itself.

What can I do to see my sd card ?

Logs: (9.7 KB)


Are you sure you reproduced in those logs? I do not see any errors.

Is the SD card adopted and then it’s just a display error?

Here is what I did to get those logs :
Activate debug mode
Stop and kill yatse
Relaunch yatse
Go to settings, advanced settings, and select the entry to modify the storage device
(But that’s when only my internal storage is present, not my sd card)

I’ve tried once again just now (9.6 KB)

I have no idea if it’s just a display error.
I just know that all my other apps (plex for example) see my sd card, but yatse doesn’t seem to see it (or maybe just don’t display it).