Save and edit playlists


I am using Yatse since many months but am new to this forum.
I recently discover the new playlist feature and am very happy to use it.
As I am using Yatse on several Android devices, I hope it will be possible to synchronize the playlists between these devices and, even better, with servers like Plex.

In the meantime, could you tell me where the playlist files are stored so to download them to multiple devices. I also hope to edit those files with a software like Notepad+.

Thank you I advance and congratulation for this super great remote !


I’m sorry but the playlist currently can’t be edited or copied they are in database.

There’s plans to import and auto sync from Plex / Emby if their API can be found :slight_smile: But Kodi does not offer such feature.

Ok, thank you for the prompt reply.
No way I can access this database ?
Otherwise, I’ll wait with patience :grinning:

Nope and even if you could you would not be able to do anything with it as data is stored in specific ways to support any kind of media centers and with IDs that would not match things on another device.

Ok, thank you.
I’ll have to be patient then.