Run Directly from Android TV / Shield

I was wondering whether it was possible to run Yatse directly from an Android TV/Shield, instead of running it off an Android phone or tablet.

I was hoping to then integrate it with Google Home and Tasker. While this part isn’t too difficult to do, it would be great if we could run the app directly from an Android TV as it would mean that a mobile or tablet would not need to be used every time Kodi is used.

Well in theory it can work, but the interface is completely not made to work via a controller so configuration would probably be quite hard :frowning:

Just tried it, the interface seems to work fine. But when attempting to open a movie, it opens it in the background.

Is there a way I can leave Yatse running in the background/minimised and send API commands?

Well yes if you start from interface Yatse stays from but if you use API Yatse stays in background.