Pop up keyboard not working when using autocompletion keyboard


I’m having a question/request.

Some Kodi skins will not work without this addon, so I cannot disable it.


But with this addon enabled, I’m not getting the pop-up keyboard in Yatse to easily paste text.

Is this a known “bug”? Or is there something I can do to get it working?

Cheers, and thanks for this brilliant app.


As the template you removed said, no logs no chocolate :wink:

There’s no known bugs on Yatse side, if that addon breaks Kodi that no more send the proper events then it’s to be seen with the addon author.

With that said you can long press the keyboard button at any time to have the dialog visible, but will that dialog work with that addon it’s also a mystery.

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Shame on me! :face_with_peeking_eye:

I will try to create some logs when I’m at home.

But, I didn’t knew the long press function! Now I do! :smiley: Thanks.