Plz allow us to save our sorting

Please allow us to save our sorting options in Yatse, as everytime we open a section, the year sorting option is defaulting, and any previous chosen sorting option is reset to year , what if we want to open a menu with sorting option last added for example everytime
Thanks alot

They are already saved …

If i choose for example sort by date added then close menu and return again i find that they are sorted by years and my previous sort not applied or saved, always default to years

You lack a tons of details.

I can only guess you are talking about opening a movie set? That’s the only case where sort is by default set back to years but not saved. It’s covered in this forum.

Can any option be added in setting to save sorting in movie sets not to be defaulting to years every time ? as i have movies since 1930 every time they appear first when openingovie sets

No I won’t but will sort descendant by default.

And seriously I can find emails / contacts from you since 2014 on nearly every place and each time you lack proper details, logs and everything needed :slight_smile:
Please take time to properly describe things, post in the proper category and provide the mandatory things.