Plex Movie library view includes files from Other Videos category

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Issue description:
I have connected Yatse to my Plex server. In the Movies tabs, I can see files that are not part of my Plex Movies library. Instead, these files are part of other Plex libraries that are of type “Other Videos”.

Those “Other Videos” libraries btw are not shown in the left navigation bar in Yatse, would be nice if they could be shown as well.



Additional information:

Yatse does not work like Plex application, as it’s media center agnostic.

All your movie type media are in the movies part, independently of the name of the Plex library.
You can filter by library easily in the filter button.
You can also exclude some librairies from sync in host settings.

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Thanks Tolriq, I had missed those filter options! Works perfectly for me now!

And for others who read there’s also smart filters if you need any complex combination or source library like all but 2 or just 3.