Option to list Artists using ARTISTSORT tag (or strSortName Kodi DB field)

First of all thanks so much Tolriq for the fantastic job on this app.
My request is: would it be possible to have the choice to read exactly the ARTISTSORT tag instead of the ARTIST while listing the artists?
Now with Leia 18 we’re a step ahead because Yatse copy the order from Kodi, and finally in this way I can get for instance Laurie Anderson and Tori Amos at the beginning under “A” instead that under “L” or “T”; but to me the perfect list would be composed by [Last Name, First Name], i.e. in these cases “Anderson, Laurie” and “Amos, Tori”.
It’s possible to get this result using directly the ARTISTSORT tag in FLAC or MP3 files or strSortName in Kodi DB Artists Table Field (obviously if you got everything tagged with something precise like Picard, as I did in the last years).
To get this on Kodi screens it seems to be a quite complicated skinning matter, but as a matter of fact I almost don’t use Kodi direct screen, but quite only Yatse as a hifi stereo remote control, so I believe it’s a matter of a new Yatse feature.
Am I the only one missing this ?
What about implementing that?

Thanks in advance and kind regards

I’m sorry but there’s no plans to implement that :frowning:

The tag name is pretty clear about it’s usage, it’s a sort tag and it’s correctly used to sort.
If you want to change the display name then you need to change the name of the artist.

I also think optionally displaying artist sort name would be a nice facility.

There are other things I would like to see optionally displayed too e.g. playcount rather than rating (which I never use) on the album list view. A bit more flexibility on what gets displayed would make a great app even better. Maybe one day?